Talk on Jesus Camp

Do view this clip (below) from a US ‘live’ talkshow with comedian Bill Mahers which has him facilitating an exchanging of views among representatives from a Muslim, a Christian and an atheist on the documentary movie- Jesus Camp which was shown in our local cinemas recently.

I take my hat off to the US for their liberty and maturity in having such opened exchange over such issues. In Singapore, I think we have to wait for a very long long time for such talkshows to happen. 

Jesus Camp is definitely a controversial piece of film that would even get us, Christians squirming.

But in my opinion, the set up of this exchange session had been planned from the very beginning to put the Christian faith in a bad light by the fact they conveniently seated a woman (Christian) among men with the host unshamingly ‘battering’ her with false accusation. This only limited her from being able to contribute appropriately in this exchange of views as she had to spend most of the time refuting those false claims.  

If you (a Christian) were in Ms Sandy Rios’s position, how would you have responded for the Christian faith?

Feel free to share your comments.