Talk on Jesus Camp

Do view this clip (below) from a US ‘live’ talkshow with comedian Bill Mahers which has him facilitating an exchanging of views among representatives from a Muslim, a Christian and an atheist on the documentary movie- Jesus Camp which was shown in our local cinemas recently.

I take my hat off to the US for their liberty and maturity in having such opened exchange over such issues. In Singapore, I think we have to wait for a very long long time for such talkshows to happen. 

Jesus Camp is definitely a controversial piece of film that would even get us, Christians squirming.

But in my opinion, the set up of this exchange session had been planned from the very beginning to put the Christian faith in a bad light by the fact they conveniently seated a woman (Christian) among men with the host unshamingly ‘battering’ her with false accusation. This only limited her from being able to contribute appropriately in this exchange of views as she had to spend most of the time refuting those false claims.  

If you (a Christian) were in Ms Sandy Rios’s position, how would you have responded for the Christian faith?

Feel free to share your comments.

3 thoughts on “Talk on Jesus Camp

  1. Ya man. i agree with u that this is a setup to mock and ridicule christian in the light of the “jesus camp”. In her position, I don’t think she is able to outspoke the three men, just by herself alone because their motives for this talk is to ridicule us.

    However, we should not discount how the three men felt about christians but should take their critism and reflect upon ourselves. It reminds me of Gandhi who famously said, “I like their Christ, I do not like their Christians.” So what is happening here.

    “Inclusiveness” is something I must admit that i’m lacking of. Few months ago, a buddhist temple approach my organisation in a project. Initially, I was quite sceptical about it but was rebuked by my boss of lack of inclusiveness. It turned out that i learn some impt lesson from them. ;p

    Anyway, i still believe action speaks louder than words. In the gospel, Jesus didn’t use his mouth to talk only but He really JUST DO IT. 😉

  2. To add on the above post.

    If the three men think they are wise and strong, too bad…

    But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. ~ 1 Cor 1:27

  3. some people just want to put Christianity (or, Christians?) in a bad light. For these people, no matter what we say, it will be twisted. They get their satisfaction from watching Christians squirm. We have all encountered people like that. Even in the workplace. At times like this, it is really no point trying to debate on an intellectual level with them because their minds are bent on what they want to hear. We can only really hope and trust in the Lord and continue to put on the full armour of God so that we stand firm yet be prepared to give an answer to others with gentleness, humility, yet confidence and respect for others. We can be secure because we know our lives are in God’s hands. =)

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