My Experience with Prayer that Works

Last week, I participated in a week long of corporate prayer.

This was an hour session either in the morning (from 6:30am to 7:30am) or in the evening (from 6pm to 7pm).

And of cos, I went for the evening sessions. Ha ha…

Prayer works

I must admit that embarking on this corporate prayer meet was a very energised experience. I could almost instantaneously feel the difference as I immersed myself more into prayer.

The more obvious changes were at work where I noticed how I found favour with my work. My relationships with my colleagues also improved.

I believe the change started with me as I drew nearer to God through prayer that renewed my heart and spirit.

Prayer at work

One remarkable incident that happened during one of the mornings when I was on my way to work.

As I was approaching my office, I prayed to God that He might used me at work to touch lives with His love. I did not know how He would do it, but I told Him I was willing to be used.

Less than a minute later, I saw one of my colleagues who was waiting for the elevator waving cheerily at me.

I didn’t expect that from her as she is usually in a dull mood. And though we were on friendly terms, but we were not on that level of friendliness.

But what surprised me was what she asked after we exchanged greetings.

“You go to church right?”

“The next time, can I go with you?”

Wow… really didn’t expect God to answer almost immediately! Amazing!

Now my next prayer is for her to experience the presence and love of God with the congregation. Amen!

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