Reflections of 2006


My unforgettable answered prayer

Having my step-mum and step-sister receiving Christ!

My greatest trial

The last term of my studies where I had to complete the final assignments. This was on top of what I had to manage with my care towards the CG and attention at work.

My greatest breakthrough

Being able to take criticism in stride or correction and using it constructively for personal growth.

My memorable experience

Partnering with the Holy Spirit in leading Joe (Mynmar) and Uncle Tiong to Christ. It was memorable especially with Uncle Tiong as God used my limited mandarin to communicate with him the gospel and to pray the sinner’s prayer =p

My most impactful decision made

Putting God and His people first before my own needs. Its a all-powerful decision made everyday.

My happiest and elating moment

After receiving my final term results and knowing for sure that I could graduate after 4 gruelling years of studying. Yeah!

My lessons learnt about God

God seeks to partner with us; and we need to partner with God. Hence we need to be persistently seeking Him for His ‘blue prints’ in every areas of our lives even in the marketplace.

Victory is ours to take, we just need to claim it.

My lessons learnt about my ownself

Realising more my need to feel in control of my life from my insecurities. I need more patience with God in being still and trusting.