Resolutions 2007

I can’t really recall my resolutions for 2006 but I would think (giving the benefit of a doubt) that I have more or less fulfilled most of them if not all =p

Hmmm… let me see… Resolution 2006:

  1. Save money $$$ – Passed (technically only)
  2. Give allowance to parents- Failed (beginning of the year only)
  3. Jog regularly- Failed (only really regular for the last quarter) 
  4. Gain more body mass- Passed (but the mass ended up mostly at my tummy)
  5. Complete Degree- Passed
  6. Serve as His CL- Passed
  7. Spend more time with my family- Passed

Total score: 5/7

Not bad… at least got more passes… Ha ha…

For 2007, here are my main NEW Resolutions:

  1. Run Standard Chartered 10km
  2. Take up Hope Seminary courses
  3. Be a better leader
  4. Raise up a CL
  5. Finding my ‘fit’ in my career
  6. Brush up my Mandarin
  7. See one of my GLK brothers in our fellowship


* Picture taken on 5/1/2007 at Vivo City

Here’s a toast from us (NG5A1) towards a blessed 2007!!!