Countdown to 2007

New year’s eve was spent very differently from the passed 6 years since coming to Hope.

For the first time, I was engaged to be an emcee cum dee-jay…

Despite being exhausted, I was amazed how I was able to pull the night off and enjoy myself at the same time. By His grace… 

What was more amazing was that the skills and trade that I had ‘abandoned’ never left me!!? =p

However what was more memorable that night for me was to truly know what great brothers and sisters I have around me.

That night, though they were suppose to be enjoying the party as guests, but most  voluntarily helped the organisers when they saw support was needed.  

You tell me where to find such good people??

Boy am I much blessed! =)

The whole year of 2006, especially the second half with the birth of NG5A1 caregroup, had been awesome with meaningful friendships forged.

2007 awaits for these meaningful friendships to grow deeper in His love!