What is my true calling and ministry?

Today I had witnessed how my dad ministered to someone in hospital who was to be scheduled to undergo a heart bypass opreation.

This was my first to see my dad minister in God’s name and I believe it was his first as well, especially since recovering not too long ago from a similar operation.

I was deeply moved by the Spirit of God as he prayed for the uncle. Wow… God’s presence was strong! 

I concluded from this encounter that God mainly calls His people to ministry based from their own unique experiences which saw them through with God’s love and power.

For example, a disabled may reach out to others that are disabled as he/she can unique identify and the others might see God’s power in him/her when they see how differently this person responses to his/her disability.

Or someone who underwent sexual abused and has yielded him/herself to God, would be able to effectively comfort those who are also victims of sexual abuse.

So for my dad’s case, he had experienced first-hand how God had brought him through unscathed from the operation and also salvation to my step-mum when she witnessed God answering her prayers too.

Hence, my dad’s unique experience of surviving a heart bypass operation has led him to this ministry of serving others like him- to give encouragement to those heart bypass patients.

Hmmm… Now I am thinking really hard, what is my true calling and ministry?