Playing an active part as Singaporeans

Posted by theonlinecitizen on September 15th, 2007

Recently I decided to be a part of TOC by being one of their writers. I thought this would be a great avenue or platform to do my part in being a NERVE in our country.

I strongly believe TOC has the potential to be a credible and qualified representative for Singaporeans from the ground up.   Hopefully TOC would eventually, one day be recognised by our government as a partner in policy-making decisions towards re-making our country a better home for Singaporeans to live, work, play and grow old.

After casual exchanges with friends over some local socio-political issues, I have to say that generally, majority of us Singaporeans take a very passive if not an apathetic approach when it comes to Singapore socio-political issues.

I think this can be largely due to us Singaporeans ‘taking for granted’ the strong leadership and efficiency of our government.

Personally, I think this is not very healthy for us as a country and has to be addressed as it might pose a grave danger for all of us.

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3 thoughts on “Playing an active part as Singaporeans

  1. all the way, brother

    i believe God has given you the vision and the heart to do this, so do it unto the glory of God ! and i am sure your prayers of being the ‘nerve’ of the country has already being answered through this.


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