Updates on My New Job

Today marks the first month for me being in my new job.

My transition into this new organisation has been somewhat smooth with nice colleagues and an awesome office environment to boot.

This new job is a blessing. It was an unexpected ‘door’ opened as I was headhunted by my current employer.

Initially, I wasn’t interested in the job that was offered as I had just settled into my newly appointed marketing position then.

But after much prayer and deliberation, I saw it as His move and went ahead.

God is good. Taking that step of faith has led me to a promotion which also came with a generous increment.

But of cos, these are just some of the perks. More importantly, this has brought me another step closer to His plans for me.

Personally, this was clearly a miracle that had God’s finger prints all over.

This was His acceleration at work. And without His grace and favour, this would not have been possible.