God-sent ‘Angels’

Last night there was an unexpected knocked on my door. I was expecting to be greeted by a salesman, but was surprised by the sight of two female strangers.

As I hid behind my door in my under-dressed state, I asked, “Can I help you?”

One of the girls replied, “Can we pray for you for any blessings?”

Taken slightly aback, I was able to identify them as members of Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) when I saw the “100K”  mini-brochure she was holding as I recalled reading in Ming Chun’s blog his 100K adventures. 


Greedily Readily I answered, “Ya why not…” and I proceeded to tick the blessings which I needed that were indicated on that mini-brochure:

  • Health
  • Protection
  • Family Harmony
  • Financial Freedom
  • Progress in Career
  • Friendships and Relationships
  • Wisdom and Intelligence
  • Direction for the Future
  • Fullness of the Holy Spirit

After this whole 100K thingy was over, other than being encouraged of the good work that this church was doing, I didn’t think much about it.

It was not till I was to turn in for the night that I realised that the 100K blessing was a miracle from God. Cos out of all the days, it had to be on MY BIRTHDAY that these two sisters came, and moreover I was AT HOME at that time!

Wah… Thank God for those two ‘angels’ who He sent to bless me and remind me of His love for me =) 

4 thoughts on “God-sent ‘Angels’

  1. feel touched to see this entry..

    i was in fcbc with my bf last sunday, pastor khong was sharing about the ‘100k blessing’ campaign.

    up to last sunday 5/8, they reach the estimated target of about 78,000 blessings. before the service he encourage every participating member to bless another 5 more pple so as to call the whole campaign to an end this wed 8/8. they r believing God to accomplish 100k blessing tis wed.

    hey hey..You r the chosen one in being blessed and so called ‘assist’ them to fulfill God’s vision on this church.

    each church has got their own special calling and purposes. as we see their good works, we r also deeply encouraged.

    God bless

  2. Wa Brother,

    You ‘Tan tiou!’ haha, so power, Thank you for not rejecting them! .

    Ya like what your friend Daphne shared, we are into our last 3 days hurdle since Sunday, we are challenged to CHIONG to bless another 5 persons, our target is to bless 20 persons each. but Ps Khong asked all to go and bless 5 more, whether we have blessed 50 or 5.

    Sweat. haha. But we believe its God’s heart to bless, and it has indeed enlarged both out faith and heart to bless others 🙂

    ok la, u ticked 9 boxes only, quite a good no. ticked all 12! : >

    God loves you yoz.

  3. yah, I have a colleague T who is from FCBC and she is in her mid-twenties. She was so natural about the whole 100K Blessings thing that she even naturally won over Muslim colleagues. (I don’t mean convert, but I mean they did not take offence but have made friends with her).

    cos when one of them saw her card, she just asked in the presence of a few other Muslims, “What’s that?” I broke out in cold sweat on behalf of T and silently prayed for her cos I know how hostile some can be against Christ.

    But T was just very friendly and natural about the whole thing that though they did not accept the offer of prayer, they were okay with her sincerity and charm (she is not pretty, so it is not that. but it’s EQ, wisdom, and handling people skills — somethings that I’m always working on).

    In fact, though T is younger than me and joined the office later than me, she has grown so close to them that they went on regular meals together and also wanted to take an overseas holiday. T asked me along and was an instrumental “bridge” in improving my relationships with them as she invited me along.

    There are so many things that I can learn from someone younger than myself who is a younger believer in many ways (and I am a Christian for 20 years).

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