Falling Deeper in Love with God

Lately much things have taken some toll on me mainly in regards to ministry- leading and serving others around me.

And my God never fails to strengthen me with His gentle but powerful words like Jeremiah 12:5.

He has once again, lifted my eyes beyond the present situation and to help me see how this part fits in His bigger plans for me in His will.

Now at least can take what I have with a lighter heart and abit more joy since it is just His part of preparing me for what is ahead in time to come.

Thank you God for being with me =)

“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him,” 2 Chronicles 16:9

My prayer:

God help me not to stop falling in love with you. I want to fall deeper in love with you with each new day. Consume me with your love and experience your love anew. Amen. 


4 thoughts on “Falling Deeper in Love with God

  1. Can u do a expository (dunno how to spell) on Jeremiah 12:5, a bit dun quite understand, espeically the second part, probably i have no application on it yet, but anyway, do it when u are free la hor, quite interesting , haven started on Jeremiah yet.

    May God draws a thousand and one step closer to you now,

  2. I too felt God lift my eyes up, tonight he snapped me out of my wallowing in worry and doubt, and set met free. I felt a lightness I had forgotten existed. I let God carry the burdens. I felt a joy that was so much stronger than the sorrow I been feeling.

    Praise God for helping us see past the temporary troubles

  3. Beng: Yesh… this verse very POWERderFUL… Will take offline to share the relevant application for you =)

    Tom: Saw your schedule on your blog, hope to at least have a hand shake with you as you transit through Singapore.

    Let me know… =)

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