A Pleasant Surprise

Received a pleasant surprise!

Though last week I knew of my confirmation as a full-time staff during my appraisal, but it was upon receiving the letter of my confirmation that I learnt I was given a slight adjustment to my salary. Yeah! =P

I really didn’t expect that, but since it was given, I gladly receive lar… Ha ha…

Thank you God!

In retrospect, He had used my previous 2 years at HWA and 6 months at Asiagem to prepare me adequately for the demands and expectations thrown at me here at SMa.

My 6-month journey with SMa has been nothing short but remarkable as I have seen and experienced God’s leading and blessing throughout (and still am). It is a job where I can truly say it is “connected to the dots” of God’s plans for my life!

But in spite of my job satisfaction with SMa, I am eagerly awaiting for the my next dot to connect =)

God, here I am, mould me and use me!

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