National Stadium Closing Ceremony

I was presented with two complimentary grandstand tickets to the National Stadium Closing Ceremony that was held last Saturday (30 June).

It was touted to be the grandest of grandest ceremony for this Grand Old Lady. But sadly, the stuff didn’t quite matched up with the buzz.

Hey… there were other Singaporeans who gave similar comments as I leh….

First, Singapore played more like cats then lions to visitors Australia. And we lose 0 – 3. But of cos it was a treat to see the likes of Mark Viduka and Harry Kewell in flesh.

Below was the closest shot I could get of Harry Kewell, player for Liverpool FC.

Secondly was the let-down by the programme. Besides the Singapore versus Australia match, the rest were not fitting for a closing ceremony. Really CMI.

Lastly was the most anticipated fireworks. But I tell you that the fireworks went off in a fizzle. It was executed in an unglam manner and worse, only 2-3 minutes. It looked like a low-budget production.

I think even our IMF foreign delegates were treated with better fireworks at the Esplanade when they visited us. Apa ini….  

But okay lar… free tickets so shouldn’t make so much noise rite? =p

Anyway I got to see the cauldron being lighted up for the first time and sat at the grandstand watching soccer for the first (and the last) time. 

Good bye National Stadium, See you Sports Hub.