igod: Talking to “God”

Chanced upon this online igod thingy where one gets to talk to “God” via MSN chat.

I think this is perfect for those who need an immediate answer from “Him”. But of course, it is not real lar…

It comes with a caution though, that “igod is meant to be used for fun, a sense of humour is recommended.”

Try igod here>>>


Check out “God’s” answer when you type: Are you a male or female?

Ha ha ha….


5 thoughts on “igod: Talking to “God”

  1. Wow. I actually asked God a question recently: “God, I know you love everyone. Your Word has many references to Your Love. You love us. But do you love ME ??”

    God answers. See Psalm 139. I am wonderfully and fearfully made. I am beautiful. He knows when I sit and when I rise. In Science (for pseudo-science people), of billions of people in the world, there is NO ONE OTHER with my fingerprint, iris, DNA, unique personality !! Out of billions of people! Imagine that. NO ONE ELSE. God is so interested in me and not in creating identical robots.

    In case there is further doubt, how about the parable of the prodigal son? How about the parable of the One who left the 99 coins to look for the one coin (the coin represents the one lost person). The parable of the One who left the 99 sheep to look for the one missing sheep (when He can actually just say ‘to hell*#@% with the missing sheep who chooses to run away! i still have 99 what.’)

    But God will look for the one missing sheep. Jesus wept . But when you are found, God tells us that the WHOLE of heaven rejoices when even ONE sinner repents! 🙂

  2. hello this website wont let me on it and i WANT TO TALK TO GODD KK GET IT GOT IT GOOD SO GET IT WORKIN N GET IT WORKIN FAST THANKZ ALOT #

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