Missions through a global marketplace

Last week, it was a privilege for me to have attended an exceptional wonderful training over the course of two days (Friday & Saturday).

The trainer was Mr Joseph Chean, Base Director from Youth With A Mission- YWAM (pronounced as Y- WAM) and the topic was related to preparation in being a team leader for short-term mission trips.

Singapore, an Antioch

In one part of his rousing sharing, he told us why he was convicted that Singapore was the Antioch of Asia; a platform where west meets east, and east meets west. This means, if you want to get a jumpstart into penetrating the East, Singapore would serve as the springboard for the west. And this works similarly the other way.

I couldn’t agree more with his observation as which other country in Asia stands with Singapore in being bilingual in language- English and Mandarin (thru our educational system); with her western culture and influence; but still retaining her eastern heritage and values.

Even businesses use Singapore as a springboard to penetrate the east because of her strong links and regional (and global) connectivity, what more do we have to say about God’s business- MISSIONS.

As a Singaporean, we can gain access into many countries world-wide without a VISA in comparison to our counterparts. That itself is a divine privilege!

Marketplace influence

He further attributed Singapore’s phenomenal growth to her strong establishment in the marketplace- (1) Business or commerce, (2) Media, (3) Arts, (4) Government, (5) Education, (6) Healthcare, Science and Technology.

And he accredited this growth to the contributions of Christians that were represented and positively influencing for God in all these ‘pillars’ of the marketplace that built this nation.

It was encouraging when he urged the class not to belittle the work that we had in the marketplace as this is our God-given role to usher God’s glory into this world. And regardless whether a church full-time job or a secular full-time job, one is never greater than the other as both are the same in their spirituality and purpose in building His Church.

My reflections

In retrospect, I now see more clearly why some 6 years ago God had led me to study then when in fact I was more eager to plunge either full-time in the church or to go church-planting. In His wisdom, He was (and is) equipping me to be a far more effective ‘instrument’ to influence and impact for the future.

With God working through globalisation, I am more convinced and empowered in wanting to do my part in building His Church through the marketplace as a global Christian.

3 thoughts on “Missions through a global marketplace

  1. (1) Business or commerce, (2) Media, (3) Arts, (4) Government, (5) Education, (6) Healthcare, Science and Technology.

    So which area you can contribute the most?

    So where do you see yourself in the next 6 years time?

    You got yourself a domain name, wow how much it cost you?


  2. Hi hi, what bout you Ceasar?

    can share?

    Anyway,for me, I haven’t thought bout it/still discovering.

  3. In Business, I supposed.
    In Online basis,
    1. Marketplace Website for business associate to exchange information, barter good and service.
    2. Travel Website to get affordable ticket for people.
    3. Health Website for people to gather latest health and medication information, and selling some of health products.
    4. Online Bookstore.
    5. Wealth Management Website for people to communicated on issue on good financial management.
    6. Job Community Website
    7. Christian Community Website
    8. Wine-related Website
    9. E-Learning Website
    10. Jewelry/Art Auction Website
    11. Real Estate/Property Website
    12. Prayer and Conunseling Network

    Like 12 tribes of Israel, each got their purposes.
    Some reach out to the poor,
    Some reach out to the middle class,
    Some reach out to the rich.

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