My Open Letter to Pastor Kong Hee

This is my open letter to pastor Kong Hee that I’ve penned to express my deep appreciation for what God has done through Him that has impacted my life. It is also my way of presenting another perspective of the sort person and leader that he is to his congregation. If he ever reads this, I hope my words would be of some encouragement to him in this difficult period.

Dear Pastor,

I’d joined this CHC family less than two years ago and you were one of the main reasons that had influenced my decision.

In our local Christian community, there ain’t many spiritual leaders that dare to live out the word of God with the kind of convictions that you display which I deemed as all-rounded, balanced and progressive.

Before I joined CHC, I must confess that I was one of your critics that didn’t approve of your scriptural teachings and brand of Christianity. But that changed after a defining moment in my walk with God a few years ago.

During a period where I was seeking God desperately over my holy dissatisfaction of my spiritual life, CHC came into my life as His answer to my cry. I stumbled upon CHC’s website and watched the online sermons. The word of God that was presented provided me with clarity on my situation.

There’s this saying that best describes that defining moment when this happened: “When your mind is open, the teacher appears.”

That teacher is YOU.

After observing and listening to you weekly with an opened mind and heart, I saw what I didn’t see before when I was a critic- your deep passionate love for God and people.

Your love for God and for people is evident, and that love explodes through your preaching and practical service to those around you. Your exemplary lifestyle of servanthood never fails to challenge me to love God and people in my life more than ever before.

Your message of the cultural mandate has also given me a new leash of faith and spiritual fervour to be the Church in the marketplace and not merely doing church that’s confined within the four walls.

Now I can see through the extravagant, colourful, loud and sophisticated themes and style that is commonly associated with CHC. Beneath all of that is just a simple and genuine LOVE that strives to reach to those who have not experienced Jesus in a way that truly glorifies God.

In this trying times, I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I believe in you and I trust you. And regardless of the outcome of the ongoing investigations, I’m standing with you and this church (spiritual) family.

Finally, thank you for your faith and obedience to God’s call upon your life that has resulted with many lives (including my wife’s and mine) being drawn closer to God!

In His love,

Andrew Ong


15 thoughts on “My Open Letter to Pastor Kong Hee

    1. Hmmm… I’m not sure how to reply as I do not know what’s your view of this current situation or what you defined as trying. For me trying refers to difficult or stretching.

      Anyway it would be helpful if you could share your POV so that I can address specifically to your question? 🙂

  1. Oh! All I mean by that is that I am not _inside_ CHC, so there might be many things I can’t see.

    But what I can see, from outside looking in (thereby, the POV), is that CHC members are seeing this as a tough time, a trial. We hear phrases like “rally together”, “stand as one”, “stay strong” being used.

    I wonder why, because no judgment of any sort has been passed. How is this a trying time?

    (ps: if it is better, we can continue on email?)

    1. @Weizhu: Np… nothing that we’re discussing that cannot be shared here on this platform.

      I’m abit surprised that you mentioned “no judgment of any sort has been passed”. If you have been following closely with the mainstream media or the online chatrooms on this matter, you should see that judgement has already been unceremoniously passed if not suggested. (But it is expected and I understand why they would do so)

      Actually the main parties who are in this trying times are Kong and his family plus the leadership team and not so much the members. And they will be concern for the flock.

      Hence, it is natural that their loved ones (members) would react to “rally together”, “stand as one”, “stay strong” with them during this period to assure them that the well-being of the church is doing okay and for them to focus on fully co-operating with the relevant authorities in seeing this investigation through swiftly as possible.

      And I would think it is safe for me to assume that you would do the same too if something similar happens to your church’s leadership. No?

      That said, when I used “trying” I was referring it to pastor Kong, not the church. Hope this clarifies.

      Anyway, I don’t think I’m the best person to give you an “insider’s” POV as I consider myself new to this church and I’m not the official spokesperson also… haha… This entry is more like a personal (not corporate and also limited POV) message to pastor Kong.

      If you really want to know the “inside” details I can introduce you to one of the CHC leaders. You should be able to get a better viewpoint. Let me know ya… 🙂

  2. Well, by “judgment being passed”, I was solely referring to one through proper process, i.e. conclusions of the investigations. On that front, I have no crystal ball and won’t speculate.

    And you’re right – it is clear as day that there are many groups using this as an opportunity to gloat, sneer, smear, etc for whatever reasons and agendas. Being on the receiving end would certainly not be a pleasant experience!

    Well, now you have clarified for me that it is Pastor Kong and family who is going through a trying time, not the church; and it is the church family that is rallying around them. I understand better now.

    Haha, anyway, I asked you only because you are the only CHC member I know well enough to ask! Nah, no need for “inside” details. 🙂

  3. @Weizhu: Ha ha… ok… sorry if I wasn’t able to provide you with more “insider” information as i would like to.

    Btw, will be sending you and your wife the the long overdue wedding photos soon =p

  4. Andrew, ask yourself why is Kong Hee in “this difficult period”? If he didn’t do anything, would he land himself in this shit? Don’t be blind to your “faith”. You are worshiping God or are you worshiping Kong Hee? Christians go through trials and tribulations when they are serving God, not when they are serving MONEY like your Kong Hee pastor.

    1. @Ariel: Thank you so much for being kind enough to caution me. Appreciate it 🙂

      However, it would be very helpful if you could explain or elaborate how you had concluded that Kong Hee worships money instead of God. That would assist me in not make a “blind” decision or to form a “blind” conclusion.

      Are there any incidents or personal insights that you may have encountered that gives evidence to your statement? Hope you can share them to shed light. Thanks!

  5. Well Andrew,Pls enlighten me cos i am a newborn. How can one get his wish simply by donating money to the church or Paster Kong…. U may wan to view bk the u tube abt one of the many incidents that he solicite for donations. The words he used ‘Donate and ur prayers will be heard’ He even used lightings to tell ppl that their prayers hsa been answered… Dun u think thats guilble either for the paster or the ppl cheering upon seeing this?

  6. I had read ur open letter. I was once in similar situation like you and I was thankful that I found Him.. Maybe a word of suggestion. Leave an open mind and attend any sermons in lightHouse Evangelism. I feel that you will love Him more and follow more closely than you are in CHC. No offends yah.

    1. @Andora: Nice of you to drop by =)

      Firstly, I don’t claim to know everything nor am I the ‘corp comms’ for the church or pastor kong. But its because you asked so I’ll do my best to answer. And what I share here is based on my experiences and opinion as a Christ-follower who happens to be a CHC member.

      With that clarified, I assume we’re referring to the same youtube clip. Given that the clip was taken from his sermon during a church service, I think it is fair to say that Kong was addressing to church members and not so much to the general public when talking about donations.

      And when he used ‘Donate and ur prayers will be heard’, it is not so much a doctrinal teaching that he was putting across. Rather he was encouraging members not to put their trust in money, but in God. When you do that and delight in God, God can move and give you the desires of your heart (c.f. Psalm 37:4).

      About the “lightings to tell ppl that their prayers hsa been answered”, I’m not sure which scene or clip you’re referring to. So I can’t comment.

      But generally, I think it is not adequate or thorough enough to make a judgement based on one part of a sermon or a few clips. Cos it can be skewed or angled in a way to suggest something that is not by omitting certain parts. We get that alot from our mainstream media don’t we? Haha…

      If you want to know the man or the church, you got to be in his presence and interact over a period of time to make an accurate assessment of his character and personality.

      Isn’t it the same with knowing God? I don’t think it’s enough to just read one verse or one book from the bible to know Him truly. For (an extreme) instance, Hitler did that and it produced the holocaust.

      We need to indefinitely read and understand the entire bible to grasp the essence of who God really is. And also to spend time with God daily to know Him and not annually or sporadically. I think you get the point.

      And lastly, thanks for the offer to attend Lighthouse and surely I’m not offended… I will be more than happy to learn from other pastors or fellow brothers/sisters. Forward me any recommended links you have ya…

  7. I am not comfortable when I knew that part of the donations were used to set up Child Care centres (I do not know if u are aware that the charges are high) and the beauty saloons. U can flip till the bible is torn but u will not get any verse to state that these will delight Him. At least the other churches uses the donation to set up social services like Tuition Centre and Shuttle services to all parts of Sin ad they are all for free. It comforts me to know that those acts will indeed delight Him. Well, all of us are entitle to opinions so if u are comfortable wth CHC, its ur choice. God Bless yah.

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  9. Hi Andrew,

    I was passing by and saw your post, I can’t help but agree with Andora. I saw a few of Kong’s Youtube sermons (eg. Laws of Harvest / Was Jesus Poor?) which alot of emphasis was placed on wealth and finally always giving $$ to the church. You should watch n analyse urself (keep an open mind) if the preaching was right and refer to the bible itself seperately. This type of preaching is categorized as ‘Prosperity Gospel’ which is not mainstream Christianity. There’s this phrase of Kong’s that to this day I rem clearly, ‘give until ur heart is broken’, that was after showing a presentation of how much students, NS men, housewives, unemployed, etc donate yearly. Even going so far as to make an example of a couple who sold their flat n downgrade to 3-room in order to give $20k to the church, singing high praises about them. I can’t help but be disgusted, sorry if I offended u but I have never come across a church that placed so much emphasis on $$. Maybe u believe he should be rewarded by having the privilledge of staying in Sentosa Cove & living the high life just because he was chosen by God but that’s not the reason why ppl become Christians. If you love money you cannot have Christ in your heart.

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