My Post-Asia Conference 2010 Report

The second biennial Asia Conference epic event may have ended over last weekend, but it’s spiritual after-shocks can still be felt.

This year’s conference was nothing short of phenomenal, drawing more than 25,000 delegates from 2,000 churches represented by 70 nations worldwide.

It also co-hosted the Church Growth International meeting that is chaired by Korean pastor, Dr David Yonggi Cho.

One Body- One Church

Asia Conference was a unique platform drawing different parts of the Body together as one.

It was a sight to behold and something to experience in sharing a special and historical moment with fellow Christians from different churches under the same roof worshipping in oneness and enthusiasm.

In my opinion, it served as a catalyst and a spiritual maternity ward to bring change to the spiritual climate in Asia and the world; mobilising and giving ‘birth’ to nation builders that will arise and recapture the spiritual leadership in our world.

My personal experience

I was greatly overwhelmed by the sharing of some of the greatest heroes of faith alive today such as Reinhard Bonnke, Dr. Yonggi Cho, Phil Pringle, Dr. AR Bernard and Steve Munsey just to name a few. It was impartation overloaded!

Every session with them felt like a finale, but it never quite ended with each speaker injecting another high dosage of God’s truth and spirit that shook your worldview and stirred my faith.

I took away not only more spiritual truths and principles from this conference, but more significantly a renewed mind plugged into the fourth dimension in living a righteous, hopeful and victorious life in Christ.

I felt a change in my spirit; a feeling that God had deposited ‘seeds’ in me that are awaiting to release some of His dreams in my life. And incredibly I am catching glimpses of them unfolding in these short few days.

Hopefully, I would be able to share some of them in the near future after I make some serious decisions and when I’m able to ascertain the situation.

For now, I’m already looking forward to Asia Conference 2012!