“God-incidence” is a new word that was coined by someone which I believe refers to a coincidence that had been divinely arranged by God.

I had one encounter of a God-incidence just two days ago.

Re-nacting the scene 

God-cidenceI tried to arrange dinner with my ex-secondary classmate, Pete who is also my neighbour. But he replied that he was not available. So I went home and slept over my dinner.

Upon waking up, it was 10pm!? And I went down to grab my late dinner when I ran into Pete who was on his way back. Ha ha…

I asked him if he wanted to join me, but he declined. And off I went with my search for dinner.

Divinely arranged

Fifteen minutes later, just as I was about to tuck in my meal. Guessed what?

Correct! It was Pete walking by.

This time he joined me and explained that he was looking to buy something, but the shop was closed. Hence, we caught up quite far bit over an hour before we headed back.

The best part was where God was part of our conversation and we discussed some of his theories like Big Bang, Chaos and Complexity (Wah… cheem sia =P) which he believed were more logical than the creation story of Adam and Eve.  

Though a believer in God, he never quite found relevance in Christianity with his personal aquaintences with other Christians. Therefore, I am praying that somehow I can play a part to be a “bridge” for him towards the Christian faith.


5 thoughts on “God-incidence

  1. Godincidence sounds great!

    shall copyright it from now on. 🙂

    tsl dun mind hor. share God’s inspiration tks tks first 🙂

  2. The word God-incidence has been around for quite some time. There was even a book published with a number of God-incidences a couple of years ago by Steve and Kathi Rose.

    It’s always good to see that God is interested in our lives and will orchestrate incidences that remind us of His presence.

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