If He Can Do It For Me, He Can Do It For You

Police statement

No one can imagine or believe the kind of person I was in the past. Beside my vices, I was also an angry and hot-tempered person.

Without knowing then, I was pretty much consumed with anger with many frustrations about my life all bottled up within.

A wretched mess

I was a walking time-bomb just waiting to explode at a slight provocation.

Back then, this anger would explode especially when I drank. That’s when I lose all resistance of any self-control and let all hell loose.

There were many countless ocassions that I recall how I broke things in a fit of rage or even hurt people that crossed me without remorse. And one of these incidents that I am going to share will depict the mess I was before Christ.

An unforgettable incident

Rummaging through my stuff, I found a police statement made in 2000 by someone against me whom I had physically hurt when I was drunk.

Here’s what’s written:

Around 2 to 3am on 23/11/99. I went to Kelvin’s (that’s my old name) house to take some of my things with my brother. Upon reaching his mum opened the door and let me in. His bedroom was locked so the mum looked for the key to open it when the door is opened by Kelvin himself.

After I take my things he pushed me against the gate and beat me up. he also kicked my face. I want to complaint against him for causing bruises on my body on several ocassions.

Injuries sustained:

  • Nose might be broken

  • Face swollen

  • Lips swollen

  • Bump on head

  • Bruises on hands and legs

  • Bruises near shoulder

Reminder of His Grace

Reading this really serves as a good reminder to me of how God’s grace is so amazing to save and love a wretched person like me- the worst of all sinners.

God’s love is unconditional. He forgives and offers a new life in Him.

Now in Him and with Him, He has taken my past with its hurts and frustrations with Him and replacing them with His Spirit.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

2 Corinthians 5:17

Thank you Lord for loving me and paying the price for my sins on the cross. And more importantly, making me new!

If You can do it for me, surely You will do it for others!