My Open Letter to Pastor Kong Hee

This is my open letter to pastor Kong Hee that I’ve penned to express my deep appreciation for what God has done through Him that has impacted my life. It is also my way of presenting another perspective of the sort person and leader that he is to his congregation. If he ever reads this, I hope my words would be of some encouragement to him in this difficult period.

Dear Pastor,

I’d joined this CHC family less than two years ago and you were one of the main reasons that had influenced my decision.

In our local Christian community, there ain’t many spiritual leaders that dare to live out the word of God with the kind of convictions that you display which I deemed as all-rounded, balanced and progressive.

Before I joined CHC, I must confess that I was one of your critics that didn’t approve of your scriptural teachings and brand of Christianity. But that changed after a defining moment in my walk with God a few years ago.

During a period where I was seeking God desperately over my holy dissatisfaction of my spiritual life, CHC came into my life as His answer to my cry. I stumbled upon CHC’s website and watched the online sermons. The word of God that was presented provided me with clarity on my situation.

There’s this saying that best describes that defining moment when this happened: “When your mind is open, the teacher appears.”

That teacher is YOU.

After observing and listening to you weekly with an opened mind and heart, I saw what I didn’t see before when I was a critic- your deep passionate love for God and people.

Your love for God and for people is evident, and that love explodes through your preaching and practical service to those around you. Your exemplary lifestyle of servanthood never fails to challenge me to love God and people in my life more than ever before.

Your message of the cultural mandate has also given me a new leash of faith and spiritual fervour to be the Church in the marketplace and not merely doing church that’s confined within the four walls.

Now I can see through the extravagant, colourful, loud and sophisticated themes and style that is commonly associated with CHC. Beneath all of that is just a simple and genuine LOVE that strives to reach to those who have not experienced Jesus in a way that truly glorifies God.

In this trying times, I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I believe in you and I trust you. And regardless of the outcome of the ongoing investigations, I’m standing with you and this church (spiritual) family.

Finally, thank you for your faith and obedience to God’s call upon your life that has resulted with many lives (including my wife’s and mine) being drawn closer to God!

In His love,

Andrew Ong

Impetus of the Contemporary Church Movement

During the Asia Conference, a well-known pastor called the leader of a local mega-church a driving force for the transition of the Asian Church from a traditional model to a contemporary one.

By Edmond Chan

When the pastor asked Pringle about how the Asian Church can transit from a traditional church to a contemporary one, the latter replied, “Two words: Kong Hee.”

Kong, who founded the mega-church 19 years ago, is known for his emphasis on fulfilling the Cultural Mandate – a movement by which the Church attempts to penetrate society and transform it.

The pastor, who leads his church with his personality and gift of preaching, believes that the key to church growth lies in the importance of the leadership of the pastor. A pastor, according to him, needs to be effective in communicating the vision of the church to its members, and in motivating members through his or her messages.

Evangelism is also high on the agenda of the 44-year old church leader, who believes in mobilising his masses to spread the Gospel where they are based in the workplace and even in closed groups normally inaccessible to ordinary people.

He adapted this concept of “3rd Space” from author Erwin McManus, which explains Christianity in terms of space and how we need to connect with people in their space and help them to experience God.

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Christianity: A Practical Faith

Even within the Christian circles, Mr Kong’s teachings have come under fire: Many frown on his prosperity preaching which focuses on financial blessings.

But he makes no apologies.

‘Christianity is a practical faith of meeting human needs. We address issues pertaining to all aspects of a person’s development and needs.

Besides, we encourage our members to give their time and finances to charitable works which requires them to first better themselves financially.’

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