Meet my friend, Thomas Chua

Meet Thomas Chua or also known as Chee Siong.

He’s a friend of mine whom I had got acquainted through the Handicap Welfare Association (HWA) some six years ago.

If you do not know him, it’s time you did.

His freak fall

Growing up, Thomas led a normal life just like any of us. However, things took a drastic turn when he was 18 years old.

In a freak incident, he somehow fell out of a window from the second floor of his friend’s place while drunk. He was alone in the room then.

That fall has since left him paralysed from his neck down and totally incapable of taking care of his basic daily needs. He relies fully on his personal caregiver for anything and everything.

His life after the fall

Now after the fall, Thomas has a mission. That mission is to achieve financial independence.

His mission is both important and commendable as his ageing parents will need to retire and his younger siblings will eventually need to have their own families.

And I intend to help him to succeed in his mission. He needs the help in order that he can help himself.

How will this be done? Can you play a part?

Stay tuned to find out.

3 thoughts on “Meet my friend, Thomas Chua

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Just finished reading Beyond the fall. This book is recommended for reading by my professor in NTU MSc studies.

    Wonder I can keep in touch with Thomas and help in any way in his goal to achieve financial independence.

    Keep me posted.

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