Some Fun Facts about The Bible

Here are some fun facts about the Bible:

Last word in the Bible                 :   Amen (Rev. 22:21)

Longest word (and name)            :   Mahershalalhashbaz (Isaiah 8:1)

Shortest verse                            :   John 11:35 (2 words: “Jesus wept”)

Longest verse                             :  Esther 8:9

Shortest book                             :  3 John

Longest book                              :  Psalms (150 chapters)

Middle books                              :   Micah and Nahum

Middle chapter                            :   Psalm 118

Middle verse                               :   Psalm 118:8

Chapters                                     :   1,189

Longest chapter                          :   Psalm 119 (176 verses)

Shortest chapter                          :   Psalm 117

No. of times “God” appears         :   3,358 (Appearing in all books except in Esther and Song of  Solomon)

No. of times “Lord” appears        :   7,736

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