Is it All Worth it?

Planetshakers Youth Pastor, Michael GuglielmucciThe recent news about Planetshakers’ Youth Pastor (right), Michael Guglielmucci’s confession of his fraud and addiction to porn has brought many Christians into a shroud of disappointment and delusion.

From what I have observed more and more each day, I think this world is getting darker and darker with every passing year. It seems that we, as people are just getting more and more “sick” and evil in this present age.

My inner dialogue

Like many others, I can’t help but question myself if my all-out pursuit towards godliness is worth it.

Would it really make a difference or matter?

Why am I tiring myself for?

What good will it contribute to our world?

But God is always quick to draw me back to Him…

Honoring Him

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Matthew 5:48

Albeit being surrounded by darkness, I know I will still choose to honor the Lord with all that I am as compelled by His grace. Even if setting a high godly standard is tiresome, I do know that it is worth it cos He’s worth it. I love Jesus.

And personally, I believe my obedience to stand tall on His godly standards do matter. But even if it doesn’t make much of a contribution as I hope it would, at least the next generation (my future children) will.

Charging onwards

As a saying goes, “The higher you are, the harder you fall.” When we are higher, we are also an easy target for the enemy.

Therefore, it is critical that certain “check and balances” have to be learnt and to be in its proper place from the beginning to prevent any slip-ups that may proof costly like what Michael Guglielmucci has experienced.

In all honesty, I have no reservations to say that living a godly life is an insurmountable task to achieve in a lifetime. But I’m confident that God WILL provide the sustenance for us in living a godly life in order that we can be His “lighthouse” in this world.

No matter what goes on, we need to continue charging onwards.