Re-Defining My Vision

I wonder is there anyone else who shares a similar passion and vision like mine? If you are one of them, we should talk.

Let’s seize the opportunities that are present in our generation in making a difference for Christ! Amen?

6 thoughts on “Re-Defining My Vision

  1. so proud of you bro! 😀 v encouraged by the size of ur vision… becos it shows the size of ur heart… which testifies to the size of our God! =D

  2. Thanks bro for your encouragement… its massive that’s why I know it is something that will not be achieved alone.

    I’m sure there are many others who like me desire to see positive change in the Christian-dom and who are hungry to fulfil their God-given destinies (in their generation) for the glory of God.

  3. hello. i have found you blog to be very interesting, honest and open! I would like to add you to my blog roll if you like what you see on my blog. peace to you!
    Mark Lee

  4. hihi! i stumbled upon your blog..and saw this post. Recently, i have been having the vision of future churches as non-institutional and more than buildings! Sprouting everywhere in in the bible. &also reaching to other people through the marketplace and performing arts. So glad to see similar vision here! =)

  5. Well, why don’t you make it your vision to bring more revivals to everyone? What i mean, the revival can bring the casinos (whatever illegal in God’s eyes) to close down…and revive the prayer life of everyone together….what do you think? I think it should be more effective this way.

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