Getting started

So excited! This book came air couriered to my office this afternoon.

What is this? This is a teacher’s handbook from my home church.

It is an aid for conducting bible studies for the purpose of empowering and equipping Christians in walking fundamentally right with God.

I’m excited because it is my prayer and desire to encourage and help others in getting started proper and strong in their faith.

And that can only be achieved with revelation and understanding of His word. Right believing will lead to right living.

I’m equally excited too because this also signals for me in getting started the work He has prepared for me ever since He called me.

God is good!

A ‘tan gu gu’ moment…

Unbelievably, my wife and I got to meet Singapore’s newly elected president, Tony Tan and his wife, Mary Chee during his visit to Vietnam in April.

Not only did we exchange a firm handshake, but we also had a considerably lengthy conversation before posing for the camera. I think if I was in Singapore, I can ‘tan gu gu’ (wait long long in dialect) to meet him. But I did, in Vietnam. Haha…