Are we following this script?

“If you track the life of average educated people, the financial script often goes like this:

The child goes to school, graduates, finds a job and soon has some money to spend. The young adult now can afford to rent an apartment, buy a TV set, new clothes, some furniture and, of course, a car. And now the bills begin to come in.

One day, the adult meets someone special, sparks fly, they fall in love and get married. For awhile, life is blissful because two can live as cheaply one. They now have two incomes, only one rent to pay, and they can afford to set a few dollars aside to buy the dream of all young couples, their own home.

They find their dream home, pull the money from savings and use it for a down payment on the house, and they now have a mortgage. Because they have a new house, they need new furnishings, so they find a furniture store that advertises those magic words, “No Money Down, Easy Monthly Payments.”

Life is wonderful, and they throw a party to have all their friends over to see their new house, new car, new furniture, and new toys. They are deeply in debt for the rest of their lives. Then, the first child arrives.

The average well-educated, hard-working couple,  after dropping the child off at nursery school, must now put their nose to the grindstone and go to work. They become trapped by the need of security simply because, on average, they are less than 3 months away from financial bankruptcy. From these people you often hear, “I can’t afford to quit. I have bills to pay,” or a modification from a song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, “I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go.”

Excerpt taken from The CASHFLOW Quadrant by Mr Robert Y. Kiyosaki

I have been thinking alot about this aspect of finance since picking this book.

Notwithstanding the controversies that surrounds this book, I find this book truly been helpful in terms of educating me in being more financial savvy or intelligent, instead of being rolled over and over in consumer debts and liabilities for the rest of our lives.

And I cringed at the thought of seeing myself embroiled by liabilities that would cripple me from being an effective instrument for God to use where I would be too tied down to be able to fulfill the Great Commission.

Final thought on this financial script: I guess this is how this life has to be (working or slogging hard and all that) as from Adam and Eve’s disobedience, we by default are under the same curse or punishment decreed by God (c.f. Genesis 3:17-20).

However, we can break this curse (especially the need of security on earthy things) with trusting Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Only He can redeem us and set us back to the original state with God and Man walking hand in hand; working smart and not working hard towards His blessings.