What Christmas Means to Me…

Significance of ChristmasFor me, Christmas is about remembering the significance of the Gift of eternal life with God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

My Christmas 2007

During this year’s Christmas celebration service, I was brought back to the time when I was lost (yet I didn’t know then) in darkness- leading an aimless life of wild living pierced with vices.

And somehow, God graciously intercepted my spiral path towards total destruction and condemnation. He sought me and saved me.

If that was not enough, He brought me into His Family- Hope Church- to be loved and taken care of. And now, I have a new identity and purpose in Him; His new creation (c.f. 2 Corinthians 5:17)!

But above all that He has done for me, I am deeply grateful with this fact that though I was once lost, but now I’m found!

My Christmas prayer

In response to His love and mercy upon me, I earnestly pray that my loved and close ones or everyone for that matter who are lost will experience His goodness and power in their own lives.

I pray that God would be merciful and snatch them from the clutches of darkness just as He did with me.


2 thoughts on “What Christmas Means to Me…

  1. Do continue to pray for God’s mercy upon your loved ones.

    Acts16;31And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

  2. Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin
    Small Straws In A Soft Wind

    By Marsha Burns

    September 24, 2007: You have felt like you are in over your head, doing things that you have little knowledge of or experience in accomplishing. And, I say to you that it IS true that you are in over your head, but you are NOT in over My head, says the Lord. If you will ask for wisdom, I will give it, and I will empower you to do all that is set before you. Refuse to allow fear to paralyze you or keep you from moving forward. Remember that you “can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”.

    Old things and old ways of doing things will no longer facilitate you in accomplishing what is set before you. You are living in new times that will require you to embrace more efficient ways of carrying out My plans and purposes. Do not be afraid to learn new things (perhaps even technical processes) that will equip you to deal more effectively with your challenges. I will provide the necessary instruction as you yield to this transition, says the Lord. Isaiah 42:9 Behold, the former things have come to pass, And new things I declare; Before they spring forth I tell you of them.”

    Prepare for a course correction. You have come to a point of decision where you can go no further until you find resolution in your current situation. You will either have to make adjustments and come to a new level of understanding and commitment or abandon it altogether. The choice is yours, but you will not be able to maintain status quo.

    You are about to awaken out of a slumber of idolatry that was brought about by fear of man and a desire to please people. This has been a great hindrance in your life and has resulted in compromise. Your loyalties are being tested, and your devotion will be redefined as you are elevated to the level of fearing and pleasing the Lord only.

    You are coming to a level of spiritual maturity that will be astounding in contrast to your past religious experience. If you are willing, I will bring you out of carnal, social Christianity into the reality of life in the Spirit. But, you must stir up your desire to really know Me, says the Lord.

    In an effort to forget past offenses you have buried some things that need to be reviewed and forgiven. I am shining the light on bondages from the past, and I will reveal every hidden work of darkness against you. It is time for you to be truly free. And, in the process of this spiritual emancipation you will find that you have been miraculously healed and delivered. It’s time!

    You have tried desperately to find your niche as you struggle to know where you belong. If you will stop striving to find acceptance and camaraderie among your peers and instead seek to abide in Me, then you will find a people of like mind who dwell together in the unity of the Spirit and in the bond of peace. However, as long as your focus is on you and your desires to be accepted, even if you are among like- minded people you will still feel like an outcast.

    You have entered the River of God, and the power of that flow will carry you to places beyond your wildest expectations. Continue to yield to the moving of My Spirit as I show you things that you “know not of.” The flowing of this river will bring revelation of the progression of destiny in every aspect. Be at rest and let Me take you where I will, says the Lord.

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