The Impact of God’s Love

If you didn’t get to read X-Hooker, Annie Lobert’s testimony, here’s an interview with her open sharing how she got trapped into prostitution in the sex industry.

But the incredible part is where she shares with tears on how she got out from that lifestyle after 11 years!


One thought on “The Impact of God’s Love

  1. I’m Setting The Stage For The Next Page

    I’m setting the stage

    For the unfolding of the next page

    Upon which wise men will read

    What in secret was heard, but now decreed

    For from the Heights will come the next pages

    Written by My hidden sages

    Layers and degrees unfolding to those who can see

    Understanding comes with the next page unsealed

    Men run to and fro seeking for those who do know

    But never do they think to seek My Face

    Or inquire of Me for My Guidance or Grace

    Left to wander in darkness, will they go

    Men have written their books and their pages

    Selling to many and amassing their stages

    Never counting on My Hand that comes down

    To reveal what has remained, to them it will be unfound

    Only the Holy that stand in the Secret Place

    Will know the path that Wisdom takes

    Hidden within the next pages will the path be revealed

    But to the prideful it will remain sealed

    The mocking and scorning of My Word will soon cease

    As men are brought down to their knees

    The heavenly and earthly alignment is complete

    And My righteous ones now take their seats

    The folly of the wise is veiled to their own eyes

    But My humbled ones I have not despised

    Divine exchanges now come with the rearranging

    As the writing on the pages bring the next changes

    Turmoil and uncertainty for those who can’t see

    New measurements come that have been decreed

    Bringing an end to the hidden lies and the earthly greed

    That have defiled My House and misled My Seed

    Think not that you stand on your own in this Hour

    As the pages turn quicker, so will the increase of My Power

    It will suddenly fall, upon those who have died unto Me

    Rejected by men, but chosen and ordained to walk with Me

    Oh, the days will pass swiftly, as the decrees go forth

    Page by page will each unfold and be quickly enacted

    The rhythm set by the Fathers own beat

    Testing, and trying, and revealing each man’s true seat

    The horses are running and the trumpets sound their call

    The Hour to pay heed and find the path of Wisdom is now

    The Signs in the heavens have foretold the Expansions

    The Wise walk unshaken in the higher Dimensions

    -Susan Cummings


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