Ten Truths About Ministry

Jesus washing His disciples\' feet

  1. The foundation of ministry is CHARACTER
  2. The nature of ministry is SERVICE
  3. The motive for ministry is LOVE
  4. The measure of ministry is SACRIFICE
  5. The authority of ministry is SUBMISSION
  6. The purpose of ministry is the GLORY of God
  7. The tools of ministry are the WORD of God and PRAYER
  8. The privilege of ministry is PERSONAL GROWTH
  9. The power of ministry is the HOLY SPIRIT
  10. The model of ministry is JESUS CHRIST

6 thoughts on “Ten Truths About Ministry

  1. i just stumbled upon this and WOW LOVE IT! i’m actually going to write this down and hang it on my wall for me to look at each morning. i’m pursuing ministry and this is definitely something that i want to define my work, something i can live and teach by. it just sums up ministry perfectly and it shouldn’t be any differently. Thanks!

  2. Ministry can be anything that is true and heartfelt. I do think that the overall part of ministry should circle back to Christ or God. However you want to view it. At http://www.reachout2011.com we encourage people to live out a new way in 2011. By smiling more, holding the door for people, letting someone in traffic. In a sense reaching out with small gestures that can impact us all if we would start living them out. Reaching out in this way will circle back to leading people to Christ. I believe Christ went the extra mile for everyone he came in contact with and so should we. email@reachout2011.com for more info

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