The Acceleration of God’s Redemptive Purpose

Since the beginning of this year, almost every fortnightly I’ve been meeting with a bunch of awesome and faithful fellow-Christians.  

The two unique things that I enjoy about this fellowship are: (1) we are from different local churches, and (2) we share the same passion on new media  in order to serve the purpose of God.

Through this, I’m given a wider viewpoint on what God is doing around us and I’m also able to learn from the different parts of the Body.

God’s acceleration

Lately, we shared a similar observation that God was accelerating the pace of His work which reminded me of a prophecy made through Phil Pringle early this year.

“Therefore say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: None of my words will be delayed any longer; whatever I say will be fulfilled, declares the Sovereign LORD.’

Ezekiel 12:27

Just to elaborate what this means is that God is releasing His blessings and favour to His Children of faith in an exceptional measure than before in this season (and YES! Even in a recession).

In other words, God is going to bless us profusely; in abundance or more than we can contain.

God”s vision to be fulfilled

God is accelerating His work towards a tipping point of His redemptive plans for the world in this 21st century.

For instance, what would take 10-30 years will now take a fraction of the time. 

There will be breakthroughs after breakthroughs in every aspect and every frontier. Expect salvation for the lost to stream into His kingdom in throngs, rather than in trickles.

He will allow us to meet the right people suddenly; linking us with connections that will shed years in fulfilling our dreams.

And in this greater scheme of things, it is obvious that the phenomenal growth of technology and the emergence of new media is playing a big role in accelerating His purpose.

Now is the time for us to position ourselves in faith and to be ready to sow big time in order to receive big time!

3 thoughts on “The Acceleration of God’s Redemptive Purpose

  1. This was a amazing word from Pastor pringle. God had already told me back in August that our church was entering a season of Acceleration. We actually have declared 2010 “The Year of Acceleration. I just googled the word acceleration and cam upon your web site. And I will shared this word with my church on Jan 3rd, 2010. Thank you again for obeying God by giving that powerful word

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