Title: God Is My CEO: Following God’s Principles in a Bottom-Line World
Author: Larry Julian
Published: 2001
Genre: Discipleship/Spiritual development
Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars

This is one of the rare Christian books that has been well-written. It communicates God’s principles in such a relevant and contemporary manner without being so “spiritual” or “Christian”.

I personally like the way the author writes without using any spiritual jargons or terms that even a non-Christian reader can enjoy and relate with.

In this book, the author presents ten common challenges that most Christians in the marketplace are confronted with. Some examples are leadership by example, purpose, courage and yielding control.

This is a very readable and riveting book that any working professional can get their hands on to be inspired and empowered by true accounts of business leaders who share their struggles in a bottom-line world and how God helped them.

This book is very close to perfection which includes questions for reflection and discussions. If I need to find any flaws, it would be a couple of grammatical mistakes that I had spotted.

Who should read it: Any working professional in the corporate world

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