Making 2010 your Best Year yet

I’m sure most of us must have carried some unfinished goals or brought with us inspiring moments from last year into 2010.

Whatever the case, last year is over and 2010 has kicked in.

With another God-given year before us, it is time to start making this year the best year yet.

Below is an approach you can adopt in making 2010 a better year if not your best. This is based on the word ten from 2010.

Hope you will find it helpful and memorable:

1. Thinking the right thoughts

The answer to changing your life is to change your thoughts. We become what we think.

Egypt’s ex-president, Anwar Sadat once said, “He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality, and will never, therefore, make any progress.”

We need to realise that we are masters of our thoughts which have a great affect on shaping our lives. Hence, one useful tip is to watch your thought diet; choose what you read.

2. Enriching yourself

One must never stop learning and life-long learning helps us to move forward. And since we’re living in the Information age, a lot of our success in life depends on how much we know.

Start enriching yourself by upgrading and acquiring knowledge or skills that could well position you for upward mobility. This could be in terms of your career, spiritual life or even relationships.

For me, I had resolved to read one book a month in which I have been doing so for two consecutive years. This year, I hope to do a part-time theological studies in a bible seminary.

3. Not looking back, but looking forward

With high hopes and new goals setted for this year, it is also inevitable that difficulties or challenges will arise with them.

Though it is always an easier option to choose to lament, blame others or to compare what it might had been, but choose against passivity and be brave to confront and persevere onwards.

Many of a times, opportunities are hidden in the midst of challenges. Remember, there can be no rainbow without a cloud or a storm.

Embrace your life and live it to the full!

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