My Read of the Month:

Title: Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money
Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
Published: 2009
Genre: Financial management/Entrepreneurship
Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

“One of the greatest conspiracies of the rich is found in our educational system,” says Robert Kiyosaki as he points the system’s glaring lapse in it not teaching people about money. “Rather, it only teaches us how to become a good employee,” he added.

This is just one of the explosive conspiracies that will definitely set readers thinking about their life and future, and to relook into the path in which they’re threading.

In this compelling book, Robert also shares 8 rules of money: money is knowledge; learn how to use debt; learn to control cash flow; prepare for bad times and you will only know good times; the need for speed; learn the language of money; life is a team sport- choose your team carefully; and since money is becoming worthless and less, learn to print your own.

If you’re a fan of his and have read most of his books, you will find much of the information and facts familiar and repetitive in this book. But that said, the quick financial historical lesson of the US was most useful. It gives reader a good grasp of our existing global economic situation and a glimpse of what to expect in the future.

All of us need to learn about money. And in my opinion, the need for churches to educate and empower their people from a biblical standpoint is critical in countering the likelihood of learning about money from the world’s standpoint. Hence, keeping people ignorant of the truth about money is wrong with detrimental consequences.

Back to this book, Robert is a remarkable communicator as he is able to make the usual complex financial terms readable and easy to understand for an average joe like me. If there’s any takeaway from reading this, is got to be knowing the game of money in our world. Because if we don’t know the game of money and don’t
play it well, we will be the used as game.

Who should read it: For anyone who’s concern about his/her own financial health and future.

God’s affirmation: keep writing

Last month, my writing ‘career’ received a boost with an award- “Most Outstanding Writer” by City News.

This was my first ever such accolade since I started writing (and blogging) passionately and professionally some four years ago.

It definitely came as a pleasant surprise as I’d never expected to receive anything in return for my voluntary service.

But more significantly with the award aside, I saw this as an affirmation from God for my faith and obedience in using what I’d thought is His gift to me to serve.

This has also encouraged me to embark on a personal project that has been closed to my heart for a long time.

And all that can be revealed for now is that it will involve more writing and more writing. Haha…

Lastly, did I mention that the award included a prize of an all-paid trip plus accommodation to Sydney?

Yeah!! God is AWESOME!!!

His Church moving forward

Over the last weekend, City Harvest Church finally held their first service at their new worship venue, Suntec SICEC.

In my viewpoint, this move was celebrated not so much because of a physical building more than the spiritual building of the body of Christ.

Besides this being another historical milestone for this church, more significantly to me, this represented a breakthrough for a progressive Christianity in Singapore.

For too long, Christianity has been on a retreat mode and boxed up by the world. However, another more guilty perpetrator had been (and still is) the corporate spirit of religion emerging among the Christian fraternity.

These have resulted in the presence, power and love of God mainly confined within the four walls of the church without much transformation made in the key areas of our marketplace.

But I strongly believe this is already changing.

In this new day and age, the Holy Spirit has never been more ready than before to release His gifts and anointing over His people and to present Christ in culture with the gospel in its totality.

The question is: “Are we ready and open to receive (as new wine skins)? Or are we unknowingly clammed up (as old wine skins)?”