My state of “crossover”

It’s been almost 3 years since my personal “crossover” in heeding the call of the cultural mandate.

As expected, it has not been an easy ride. In fact, it has been tough to the point of frustration.

However, I must acknowledge that most of the frustration stems from me being impatient in wanting to see results.

At these moments, I have to constantly remind myself that I’m following God’s timetable, not mine.

I’m His beloved

I’m also tempted many of a times to just settle for less and be ‘contented’ at where I am. From a humanistic viewpoint, I know I’m doing reasonably okay, especially taking in consideration of my past.

So why even bother to press so hard and make my life so difficult?

Everyone’s just cruising through life, why must I be different?  

But in the face of such derailing thoughts, I’m reminded that I’m His beloved. If He only desires the best for me, then why should I short-change myself by forfeiting my rightful inheritence?

I’m His follower

Another reminder or factor that has anchored in holding me steadfast is His vision given to me.

I’m truly convinced that God has launched an all-out mission to reclaim what has been lost- territories in the marketplace.

And I don’t wish to be a spectator. I want to be in the thick of the action!

But with all that has been said, I’m learning that obedience to a call or fulfilling His vision is not just about accomplishing a task, in this case the Great Commission.

It is also becoming the person God has destined us to become. Therefore, I’m hanging on and pressing onwards.

3 thoughts on “My state of “crossover”

      1. totally! hahaha. so i like this post very much. Haha. Waiting to see things come to His timing! =) and when the time comes, all the wait and preparation will be worth it. =)

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