Taking a glance of my 2012


1. My unforgettable answered prayer

There were many moments that God came through for me in answering my prayers. But one prayer did stood out- an increment after being confirmed and affirmed at work.

It was not just about the additional cash, but the timeliness of it happening as I wasn’t even expecting this. Especially so since my wife was leaving her job to join me.

This was an unforgettable prayer answered and milestone for my wife and I in being assured us that where God leads, He provides.

2. My greatest trial

Since relocating to Vietnam for work, this was the full year cycle that I went through. I was tested on all fronts as a newbie.

I had to learn about the business climate and environment in this new market; understand the advertising industry; know the agency and the work I was tasked with; learn to lead and manage a team; personally adapt in a new culture, language and a way of life; ensure that my marriage adjusted to this city and new way of life; and being able to anchor, express and engage my faith relevantly in this culture.

So to sum it all up, the greatest trial is not just in adjusting to life in Vietnam, but in adapting culturally as a Christian of which my biblical beliefs, values and trust in God were hugely tested.

3. My greatest breakthrough

This has got to be the moment when God re-confirmed and re-affirmed His call on my life in the second half of 2012. After that, “doors” that were shut opened. And now I’ve observed how the Spirit of God is moving in advancing His kingdom.

4. My most impactful decision made

My wife and I decided to move to another apartment in October after the rental lease of our former apartment expired. The move was not just a move in terms of location or better environment, but it had spiritual implications.

Since the move, we have been richly blessed with not only more, but stronger meaningful relationships.  The new place is more conducive in hosting family and friends. And last year, we had our first Christmas party with church friends at our home.

Praise God for providing this apartment. Because in normal circumstances, we would not be able to afford the rental, but due to the bad property market conditions we got the rent at an unbelievable steal.

5. My happiest and elating moment

My wife finally joining me in relocating in Vietnam in April after an 8-month long separation due to her work and studies. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this right? Haha…

6. My lessons learnt about God

My God is faithful. Throughout the ups and downs, and the trials of 2012, He has stuck with me. His love, grace and goodness followed me in every situation. And so He will do the same in 2013. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

One thought on “Taking a glance of my 2012

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Encouraged by your greatest trial and breakthrough. Fully agree that our heavenly Father does indeed hear & answer our humble prayers. (James5.16b)


    Psalms 36:5 Thy mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.

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