Being The True Church

Generally, I believe there are many churches around. And it is safe to say that each church has its own distinct characteristic which caters to different groups of people within the Christian community.

For instance, there is the denomination factor such as being a Presbyterian, Anglican, Methodist, Pentecostal, etc… There is the worship atmosphere factor in whether the church worships in hymns or contemporary music such as Hillsongs.

Let’s not forget that there’s also the preacher factor and that means whether the sermons are engaging or boring. And what about, the people factor-whether if the church is family-oriented, or whether it caters to the elderly, youth or adults and the list goes on.

What really matters to God

Not sure about you, but personally, I think all these factors are not exactly the main concerns of our Lord.

What truly counts on the final analysis is not whether the church performs its religious routine faithfully week in and out or year in or out- regular attendance or doing the “spiritual” things.

I believe that Jesus is more concern whether or not the church is actively living out His purpose as His church; and if His people are obeying His charge in fulfilling the mandate of the Great Commission.

Being the Church in the end times

In my opinion, what ultimately defines the church of Jesus Christ is exhibiting His transformation power and love with the message of His grace of the cross for our sins by our engagement with society and culture around us in our community, city, country and continents.

With all of us living into the end times, there is a serious need of urgency for the Church to be alert and fall into complacency; to be always “operational ready” or face the consequences as described in the parable of the ten virgins.

For this very reason, let us not only be content in merely going to church or doing church. But let us arise and be the Church.

I Want to Be God-Made, not Self-Made

He's Potter, I am the clayI think it is not uncommon to hear stories of self-made men and women; in how they climbed from “rags to riches” or how they overcame the adverse odds to experience success.

Not sure about you, but I do enjoy reading or listening to such life stories as they never fail to inspire me with their deep sense of purpose and determination to achieve the seemingly impossible.

In fact, I also think that each one of us have that similar potential, but the only difference that distinguishes us from these men and women is having that clear and distinct sense of purpose in life.

Knowing our true purpose

It is safe to say that many of us go through life with no real sense of purpose. We are merely “chasing the wind”.

We chase from one event to another; one life-station to another; one trend to another; one product or gadget to another.

However, in my humble opinion (undergirded by my understanding of scriptures and God), our ultimate life purpose is to make God be known with and through our lives as His workmanship or masterpiece.

Which means whatever little or big successes that we strive to achieve and experience, we do it as an act of worship unto God who gives us the ability and the opportunity to do so.

Being God-made, not self-made

I recalled this tortise on a lamp-post story. When we see a tortise up on a lamp-post, we know someone had placed it there. Cos how can a tortise climb up a lamp-post rite?

It has been 8 years since I have committed and surrendered my life to Him. And I can testify that not I, but He who has been re-building my life from the mess I gave to Him. Like that tortise, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for God and I am still “work in progress”.

Besides salvation, I am certain He wants to give me more and work in me even more than I can ever imagine. And I am looking forward to what He is instore ahead.

I pray that in all the successes that come my way, they will speak of me as a God-made man, and not a self-made man. Amen.

Discovering More of His Destiny

PrayingLately, I have been led to pray even more as I learnt that prayer does wet one’s appetite for God’s presence and will in one’s life.

One’s spiritual hunger will always lead him/her to a prayerful life.

There must be more than this

For some time, I’ve realised that I have been hitting a plateau with my walk with God. This has caused a deep dissatisfaction within me.

“There must be more than this!”

“There must be more of God that I have yet experienced!”

“Teach me Lord how I can really live my faith and life with more of Your power whether it is in my workplace; in my bedroom; in church; with my friends or family!”

I know for a certain that there just have to more than this cos my God is a BIG God.

Pray, pray and PRAY

I am learning more how prayer is the “secret” of drawing near to God. Without God, I inevitably limit myself as I depend on my own strength without tapping on His supernatural resources.

Having a vision alone is not enough, we need passion to see it to fulfillment. And prayer is the key to sustaining that passion.

Prayer also helps me to be sure and clear of the path that I am threading as I hear His voice providing me direction and encouragement.

I need God

Albeit this period of uncertainty and barrenness, this has somehow dug deeper a spiritual hunger for more of Him. So I know this phase is good and I am earnestly praying and trudging towards where He is leading me step by step.

As quoted from a preacher, “Our spiritual appetite is vital in determining whether or not we turn out as a man of destiny or a man with a mediocre life.”

And I am determine to live out His destiny for my life for His redemptive purpose.

My Doodling:

Can’t believe since the start of this year I had been thrusted into having to make a number of MAJOR decisions one after another within just 3 months!? These sort of major decisions usually happens only once a year or not at all. What is He trying to tell me or teach me? Where is He leading me?