My Post-Asia Conference 2010 Report

The second biennial Asia Conference epic event may have ended over last weekend, but it’s spiritual after-shocks can still be felt.

This year’s conference was nothing short of phenomenal, drawing more than 25,000 delegates from 2,000 churches represented by 70 nations worldwide.

It also co-hosted the Church Growth International meeting that is chaired by Korean pastor, Dr David Yonggi Cho.

One Body- One Church

Asia Conference was a unique platform drawing different parts of the Body together as one.

It was a sight to behold and something to experience in sharing a special and historical moment with fellow Christians from different churches under the same roof worshipping in oneness and enthusiasm.

In my opinion, it served as a catalyst and a spiritual maternity ward to bring change to the spiritual climate in Asia and the world; mobilising and giving ‘birth’ to nation builders that will arise and recapture the spiritual leadership in our world.

My personal experience

I was greatly overwhelmed by the sharing of some of the greatest heroes of faith alive today such as Reinhard Bonnke, Dr. Yonggi Cho, Phil Pringle, Dr. AR Bernard and Steve Munsey just to name a few. It was impartation overloaded!

Every session with them felt like a finale, but it never quite ended with each speaker injecting another high dosage of God’s truth and spirit that shook your worldview and stirred my faith.

I took away not only more spiritual truths and principles from this conference, but more significantly a renewed mind plugged into the fourth dimension in living a righteous, hopeful and victorious life in Christ.

I felt a change in my spirit; a feeling that God had deposited ‘seeds’ in me that are awaiting to release some of His dreams in my life. And incredibly I am catching glimpses of them unfolding in these short few days.

Hopefully, I would be able to share some of them in the near future after I make some serious decisions and when I’m able to ascertain the situation.

For now, I’m already looking forward to Asia Conference 2012!

Crossing the Line of Faith

Its been almost a month since my faith decision to transplant myself to another church.

The entire phase from the point of God’s revelation and to where He has led me now is almost unreal.

I would be lying if I said it was an easy process. In fact, it was one of the most difficult decision I had to face.

God matters to me

The opinion of others mattered a lot to me, but the will of God mattered too. God’s opinion had to count for more.

After six months, I finally yielded to Him and made the decision. God’s vision and call was just too loud to shut out or ignore.

At the Asia Conference, God provided more confirmations of that decision and provided glimpses of where His Church was heading.

Now I can only say that the road ahead looks promising and exciting in spite of the challenges that are tied to it.

You matter to me

Looking back, the process of making this decision was mostly a lonely and emotionally-bearing experience.  But I’m blessed that my experience was made more enduring with the love and understanding of some of the brothers and sisters who believed in me.

To those that I may have disappointed, please forgive me. I can only explain my decision with this underlining truth that each of us have our God-given race to run, and I’m obeying God in running mine.

The lessons learnt from this experience are ones that I will not forget. One day, I hope to pen down this experience in a book when this faith decision bears fruit.

Cos I believe that there will be many others who will go through a similar cross-road situation at one point or another, and I hope my personal experience will help them make a prayerful, calculated, balanced and biblical decision.

Impetus of the Contemporary Church Movement

During the Asia Conference, a well-known pastor called the leader of a local mega-church a driving force for the transition of the Asian Church from a traditional model to a contemporary one.

By Edmond Chan

When the pastor asked Pringle about how the Asian Church can transit from a traditional church to a contemporary one, the latter replied, “Two words: Kong Hee.”

Kong, who founded the mega-church 19 years ago, is known for his emphasis on fulfilling the Cultural Mandate – a movement by which the Church attempts to penetrate society and transform it.

The pastor, who leads his church with his personality and gift of preaching, believes that the key to church growth lies in the importance of the leadership of the pastor. A pastor, according to him, needs to be effective in communicating the vision of the church to its members, and in motivating members through his or her messages.

Evangelism is also high on the agenda of the 44-year old church leader, who believes in mobilising his masses to spread the Gospel where they are based in the workplace and even in closed groups normally inaccessible to ordinary people.

He adapted this concept of “3rd Space” from author Erwin McManus, which explains Christianity in terms of space and how we need to connect with people in their space and help them to experience God.

Read the full article here>>>

The New Era of His Church in Asia

Wow… I am still reeling with the Spirit’s fire from last week’s smashing Asia Conference.

It was an awesome privileged to be part of this historical 5-day event and to be imparted by some of the world’s servant leaders of God.

Their sessions (including the controversial Benny Hinn’s) really expanded my paradigm of God’s word and God at work. 

The rising of His Church

For certain, God is rising His Church to a whole new dimension of anointing that many of us have not seen  or experience before. The kind of anointing that we only read in the book of Acts and only heard about at the Azusa Street in the early 1900’s.

The era is coming where the Church will no longer be regarded as an out-of-touch or irrelevant religious white elephant that has been confined to the ‘back of the room’ of society for too long.  

The Church will come in such power in the coming times that our world will start to pay attention to what She will have to say pertaining to every matters in the arena of government, education, business, arts & entertainment and mass media. 

Getting ready for this rise

What our governments of Asia have failed to do, the Church will succeed; in uniting Asia as one. In time to come, Asia will be one people with one mandate. Through that mandate, economies and political borders will be flattened.

The question for many of us is to what part do we want to play in this? Or will we let this slip through our fingers and leave it for the next generation to take responsibility.

I for one aspire to do my part and fulfill my responsibilities of His mandate in my generation. I do not think there is always an opportunity where we can be part of something great which will leave a mark in the history of mankind for His glory.

Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.

Isiah 54:2

Brace yourselves and get ready to catch the next wave of the Holy Spirit’s wind.

My Doodling:

I’ll be taking a short break from here to focus on the ASIA CONFERENCE over these couple of days. Will be back next week with more to share. Btw, the first day of the conference has not been disappointing and certain to only get better! Catch the latest trailer here>>>

My Doodling:

If you have not heard about it, there will be a huge event happening next week from 19-23 November 2008. The ASIA CONFERENCE, the first-ever of its kind will be held in Singapore to touch Asia to transform the world and it is incredibly FOC for all.