Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty

It is unavoidable that organisations, families and ordinary folks will be taking steps in responding to the winds of change in the economic and market forces.

Manufacturers will be looking into cost-cutting measures to sustain their operations in view of low demands. Our government will be looking at ways to facilitate a vibrant economy and to manage unemployment. Families and people alike will be grimly tighting their belts to brace for the uncertainties that lie ahead.

With the media feeding us with day-to-day news that are reactive and short-sighted, there’s no doubt our future looks bleak.

Catching wind of the Holy Spirit

Apart from reading the news to follow the wind of the economy to determine our steps, I believe it is imperative for us (especially Christians) to keep in step with the wind of the Holy Spirit.

“Therefore I am now going to allure her (Israel); I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her”

Hosea 2:14

Even in these times, the Holy Spirit might be leading us out of our comfort zone to new areas to conquer. There might be some priorities that need re-aligning or wrong fundamentals that need to be corrected.

Staying in the realm of faith, this recession can pose opportunities for stock-taking in our life.

Arising opportunities  

A change in industry for our careers might be where the Holy Spirit is re-directing us. Or signaling for us re-train or upgrade our knowledge and competency in our professions.

For businesses, the slowdown will provide more time to take a step back to evaluate and streamline core processes to improve capabilities.

For folks like myself, the situation will “force” us to acquire more interest in being financial savvy in the management of personal finances.      

No matter how gloomy and uncertain the road ahead may look, we must not lose heart and keep the faith. And not just hold on to our jobs, but hold on to God.

Just as the sun continues to shine brightly behind every dark cloud, we can also be sure that there is hope and an opportunity for the better in every gloomy and uncertain times.

Responding to The Economic Crisis

I believe many are gripped by fear and anxiety from the shockwaves of a worldwide crumbling of our global economy.

Presently, it is very obvious that many (in general) follow the tides and winds of the economy.

Hence, are blown into an emotional turmoil with the fluctuation of the economy.

Staying focus on God

Unlike the economy, God never changes. He is the same today, tomorrow and forever. No one controls Him as He is above the economy.

The story of Joseph is a good example of which we can learn from in responding to this situation.

The LORD was with Joseph and he prospered, and he lived in the house of his Egyptian master. When his master saw that the LORD was with him and that the LORD gave him success in everything he did.”

Genesis 39:2-3

Despite being stripped from his majestic robe and the luxurious life he had as the favourite son of a wealthy man, he experienced an incredible amount of success and prospered.  

From a slave in Egypt, he eventually became the second most powerful person as prime minister in Egypt.

Connecting with God

The key factor of Joseph’s success was God; God was with Him and he remained connected with God in spite of his dire situation. He continued to walk in obedience to God’s ways.

Like Joseph, even if we might lose our jobs or have no increment or bonuses in this recession, we can still experience success. The key is in cultivating a strong sense of God’s presence in our lives just as Joseph. One way is by reading and applying His word daily.

True success should always be sustainable and unshake-able because it is found in a Person, not in things we possess. 

When we are focused and connected to God, we will have access to an abundance of everything we need in our God who is the Creator God- Elohim.