Something ‘amusing’ to ponder

There was yet another death involving a SMRT train that was reported in yesterday’s Straits Times, and SMRT Trains’ VP, Mr Vincent Tan was right to point these cases as a “social issue”.

However my intent is not to thread along the factors leading to such an issue in our nation, but to highlight his other comment which was quoted that I found rather ‘amusing’.

To view his comments, please click on the picture below.

Amusing how with the recent price hikes, SMRT still cannot afford to spend on some preventive measures in saving lives.

Amusing how SMRT views cost a more important factor than people’s lives.

Amusing how SMRT as a public transport provider for the people is not for the people.

Amusing how Mr Vincent Tan ‘shot himself in the foot’ with his ‘thoughtful’ comments for not wanting to pass additional financial burdens on us.

Rather ‘amusing’ isn’t it?

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