How I spent Christmas- Part 1

Here’s are quick snapshots of how I had celebrated a white wet Christmas over the weekend…

23rd December 


Met Peter Yang for a Japanese lunch at Clementi’s Sumo House. And we were unexpectedly visited by a little chap.

Just a little intro on Peter…

He’s from Shanghai, China and one of those foreign talents that our government is encouraging us to welcome and he presently works at PWC. See, even the little chap welcomes him =p

Honestly, I really like this guy. He is one of those rare ones that I can openly exchange ideas and opinions with almost any kind of topic. He is really likeable lor… and most of it is cos he has carries absolutely no airs.


Rushed to NUH there after to join the Healthcare Christian Fellowship to add a cheer to the patients at the National University Hospital (NUH) by singing carols

But before that, we gathered to worship. It was also one of those rare and beautiful moments where I found myself worshipping with Christians from other churches.


I pray that as His Church, we can do better in the Unity department as the Church has been marred enough by division which has greatly weakened our influence in the world.

And it is even ridulous considering that we are preaching to others about God’s love when we ourselves are fighting among each other. Haiz…

So I greatly treasured that moment of worship and carolling as we put aside any differences and focused on serving together to show love and care to the people in need.


After carolling, I returned back home to place my guitar and was off to Toa Payoh to fetch an old friend, Vincent to attend our Christmas service.

Another intro…

Vincent is partially visually-impaired. However he is an extremely independent guy. Talented too.

If you take the MRT, there’s a high chance you might run into him busking at the station. So please give generously if you see him as that is how he makes a living =)


Ya I was late for Christmas service and missed the drama. But it was exceptionally great to have new friends joining us in the Christmas celebration.


After the service, all of us went to Cosy Bay (opposite the Kallang Indoor Stadium) which has one of the best relaxing ambience you can find in Singapore.