How I spent Christmas- Part 2

24th December


Got up early in the morning with much enthusiasm as I was expecting my two nieces to attend Hope Kids. But alas, they didn’t cos they couldn’t wake up. Now must wait till next Christmas =(

Nevertheless I managed to catch the drama which I missed during Saturday’s service.


Since my nieces were still in bed, I decided to visit them and surprise them with their Christmas gifts. Managed also to have a hearty lunch with my brother =)


Paid a short visit to another Peter. But this one is Peter Ong who fractured his ankle in a freak accident while playing soccer.

Poor guy had to be stuck at home with his leg casted over the holidays. Get well soon bro…


Christmas eve was spent at Keng Suan’s house where we had a simple and cosy affair of eatingand watching TV. And we did a crazy thing as well… we decided to spread the Christmas spirit to her neighbours with carolling.

And we did!

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