I am back!

Yes! I am back from my ‘hiatus’ with the Singapore Acting (wayang) Force (SAF)… Ho ho ho…


Overall, reservist was a good therapy away from urban living and getting detached from technology especially blogging. Ha ha…

And it allowed me to have a good rest and served many opportunities to know my camp mates better.

Now in my 10th year since I ORD-ed (operational release date) from my active NS days, I did a quick observation on some of the things that remained unchanged like…

They are things like:

  • The poor communication from top-down
  • The free-flowing usage of vulgarities
  • The ‘chao keng’ (malingering) antics by soldiers
  • The wayang-ness of every training and programme
  • The waste of human resources, talents, time and food

However, I also had observed the things that has changed:

  1. My body-aches after a 6-day outfield exercise
  2. I look forward to eating at the camp cookhouse (now food is outsourced)
  3. The commanders do not ask me to ‘down 20’ (push ups)
  4. In camp, we sleep on spring mattresses and not on a slab of sponge
  5. AND I can no longer fully button up my army slacks

Picture for reference below, but not for the weak stomach =p










Hope you never vomit… Ha ha ha…

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