Blessed to be a Singaporean

Some time last week a friend of mine made this remark as we were admiring a horizontal view of Singapore from Sentosa Island:

“Ain’t we fortunate to be able to enjoy the fruits of our government efforts from over the years?”

Wow… to be frank I was rather taken a back by his remark/statement as I am somewhat used to mulling over the gahmen faults and imperfections from time to time =p

But to be fair, our government despite with its shortfalls such as being overly economic-driven has done a fabulous job in shaping our nation to where it is today and working hard in positioning us for the future.

The fruits we are able to enjoy are the quality living that most Singaporeans are able to indulge; able to get ‘top-class’ education and a global integrated network for social or business purposes.  

On my recent visit to one of our neighbouring countries, I was appalled of hearing the atrocious crime rates that were mounting in the city. Worse was that learning the police were mainly made up of a corrupted bunch who didn’t give a hoot about serving their community except for lining their pockets.

This is just one of the negative issues. This situation really dampens the people’s confidence in living in that particular country and building a life there.

However I had observed that though most have become ‘numb’ to any hope of a reformity within the country, somehow they have learnt to adapt and survive living there.

Therefore in my opinion, being a small nation like ours though with limitations, has its advantages like being able to better lead more effectively. But still credit has to be fully given to the relentless work from our visionary leaders.

Hmmm… indeed we are blessed being a Singaporean in one way or another, and it is up to an individual how we utilise our privileges as a citizen.

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