Time with Hong Teck and Mag

This evening our cell group had the privilege to have an upclose and personal session with one of our married couples- Hong Teck and Mag, from our church over dinner.

Hong Teck* is a full-time staff with Hope Church Singapore in the Hope kids ministry and has been married with Mag for almost 10 years with 3 wonderful kids.


It was a great time as not having many close ‘married with kids’ friends, I brought back many insights in what goes on in a marriage. Much thanks to them taking the time to be with us.

Many various questions were asked…

  • How and when did you both met and how did it hit off?
  • How do both of you resolve conflicts?
  • What are the common issues of conflicts?
  • How do you balance between ministry and family commitments?

And the lesson I learnt most: To be committed in co-supporting one another; when either party is weak or down, the  other should provide support instead of being impatient or selfish.

I truly thank God for godly married couples in our midst who choose to obey God and serve His Church despite the adverse difficulties pounded by the demands of parenting and providing the family.

Thank you Hong Teck for your obedience to His calling and thank you Mag for your great example as a sacrificial and supportive wife and mother!

* Hong Teck is incidentally another fellow Hope blogger. Visit his blog here>>>

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