God heals…

[HEALING+MEETINGS+FLYER.jpg]Last week I attended the Healing Workshop (Thurs) and Everyday Evangelism Workshop (Sat). Both were conducted by Peter Truong from HOPE Brisbane.

Don’t be deceived by his diminutive size as this little man of God packs a mighty punch of the Holy Spirit’s power.

As proclaimed by faith in the name of Jesus, many were healed and were touched by God one way or another.

You can read some of the testimonies here>>>

There was a given time where Peter prophesised over me which brought healing to my heart, mind and soul.

This was the prophesy and reminder from God to me:

“There is no limit in God. God’s vision is big for you. Continue to seek and desire Him. Now its only the beginning, His vision is bigger. You are going to be His world-changer and a history-maker in impacting many lives.

Like Abraham, you will receive a spiritual inheritence and a father to many spiritual children.”

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