Divine appointments

Seated comfortably, I took my eyes off my book to see who was this huge person that was hovering in front.

I looked up and found this person very familiar. I squinted. Unsure, I called out his name.


No response.


This time, he turned. It was really Richard!

After 7 long years, finally we bumped into each other. He was one of the bosses that I worked with and we lost touch after we left the night scene. And that night, we were reunited. Unbelieveable.

By right I was supposed to be watching a movie at that time, but I had decided not to. If I had, I think I might have to wait another 7 years to see him again =p

Thank God. 

Through him, I also got another contact (also named Richard) whom I was looking for as well. And we met up just two days ago to catch up on loss time (see picture above). And amazingly, through him, I got another contact again. Next week I intend to catch up with him. These are my DJ friends.

I strongly believe that this is no coincidence but God’s Hand and leading which is His response through my fasting and praying.

It is just incredible to experience what God can do when we yield to Him and seek His will.