3 Weddings and a Football Match

Let’s begin with the football match first…

Over the last weekend, a highly-anticipated epic match between Man Utd and ARSEnal ended up with the two team sharing the spoils with a 2-2 draw. (@#%*&@) 

Man U guttedArrghh….. I was gutted! And I am sure I wasn’t alone feeling the same way.

Man Utd literally threw away a win which would have toppled those Gooners Gunners from the top of the table and topping the league.


Okay! I am done with venting my frustrations. I dun want my friend cum Man Utd antagonist, Lindy (who’s probably going to read this) to enjoy her moment for too long =P 

Now about the 3 weddings

This is the first time that I have had to attend weddings back to back to back(!?) I guess my peers are growing up liao… Ha ha…

Steven and his wife

Wedding number 1 belonged to my ex-colleague, Steven when we were working in a nightclub- PASEO (now defuncted) some 10 years ago. He was my 24/7 drinking buddy back then before I quitted the bottle.

I recalled how we used to joke that we could never get married because of our ways. And now he has walked down the aisle before me.

James & Shireen

Wedding number 2 was James and Shireen from my present Unit group in church.

When their courtship was in the initial stages, I witnessed their numerous spits and spats. And frankly, I almost thought they wouldn’t make it far because of their differences.

But God has proved Himself true and faithful to His word, and they are now embarking on a shared life journey together!

Indeed, both of them had worked hard in loving each other *clap clap clap*

Boon & Hazel

Lastly, Wedding number 3 belonged to Boon Liong and Hazel!

Personally, I am amazed and thankful at the same time how God had brought them together after one big cycle after their “seperation” from the tertiary group. And now, they are together as husband and wife =)

Phew… now it is time for me to rest from more weddings. But it will only last till next week when I will be attending another wedding-  Theo and Kim’s *sweat*

In the meantime, I guess I will be contented watching my next football match between Manchester United and Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League =P

4 thoughts on “3 Weddings and a Football Match

  1. Seah: Ya though “siong” but its good to bless since its only once in their (couple’s) life-time =)

    Lin: Man Utd should have won as they were having more control of the game.

    It was Arsenal’s fighting spirit that got them the draw in a match that they should have lost.

    So you should enjoy and appreciate the draw till we meet at Old Trafford in the second half of the season =P

  2. Ya man. It’s blessed to give than to receive. A blessing to others. Me too, just this year alone, I already attended 5 weddings and 3 more to go before end of this year.

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