GLK Alumni BBQ Nite

For years it has always been an almost impossible task for my group of old friends to gather for some fun time.

Some of the reasons they gave:

  1. Too busy or got no time
  2. For what meet?!
  3. I don’t like to see him
  4. So boring…

But finally, last Saturday we managed to get together over a BBQ time. At least the most of us.

Laughing over BBQThese were my trench buddies from my secondary school days. And they were very much part of who I was then and my life, even till now.

We almost everything together- quitted school, runaway from our homes, stay over night, fight, smoke, gamble. You name it, we did it lar…

We were so close that anyone would have mistaken us for being a gang. Hey wait… we were a GANG! Ha ha ha…

Now fast-forwarding, I think it is safe to say we have pretty much grown up as responsible and sensible adults =P

In the past, we were all busy finding trouble or taking care trouble when it found us. But now, most of us are busy pursuing our own dreams and making our lives work out.

Guess who is who….

The GLK Brotherhood

The gang (some of us only) now and then. Not bad…. After 10 years we still look good! =P

Through this BBQ, I’m glad I’d learnt that one of them recently accepted Jesus into his life and rocky marriage. 

It was definitely elating to know how God had intervened and prevented a divorce from erupting. Now he, his wife and child are attending a church. Praise Him!

My prayer:

Dear God, please reveal your Son Jesus to my friends. I pray that they too will get to taste and see how good You are and receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. Amen.  

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