Random Thoughts on 2007

Before summing up my personal journey for the year of 2007, here are some of my random thoughts from last year…  

1. My unforgettable answered prayer

My job at SMa Federation in February! Upon God’s leading, I quitted my previous job before landing my current job and was put to test my faith in Him. What a ride! =p

ThoughtsAfter 2 months, the job came and it came with the exact “FIT” for me in honing my skills and expanding my boundaries. Thank God!

2. My greatest breakthrough

Participating and completing the 10km Standard Chartered Run!

This was a breakthrough cos I hated to run, but did it to push my limits. All things are possible (with God)!

3. My memorable experience

It happened at Suntec City on 22 December 2007. It was my first time approaching strangers and sharing them the Good News with their permission.

Besides being my first, it was also an experience that helped me debunked the presupposition that most Singaporeans have heard the Good News.

4. My happiest and elating moment

The completion of the Breakthrough campaign with Hope Church’s attaining debt-free status for Nexus Auditorium!

5. My lessons learnt about God

My vision was enlarged as He showed me more of what He can actually do in regards to fulfilling His purpose and His will.

I experienced a paradigm shift in how God works relevantly beyond the walls of the Church and “spiritual” work.  

Now I understand in particularly how I can partner with God to work through our global marketplace in advancing His Kingdom.   

6. My lessons learnt about my own-self

I am discovering that I have this God-given “gift” to identify potential, talents or resources with people and link them up, in order all can achieve some common purpose with synergy.    

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on 2007

  1. mf:

    I think you also like your job rite??? Holiday never take leave but still come to work… You must love your job too much! Ha ha…


    Oh ya… how can forget the mortar board?? =p

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