Relying on Him thru’ Prayer

Jesus prayingI think most of us (Christians) know the importance of prayer, but not many of us actually adopt a lifestyle that centres around prayer.

And I must confess that I am one of the guilty ones.

Some of the common reasons can be how unpractical prayer may appear to us or the busyness that steals us away from a time of prayer. 

Jesus our role model 

Despite prayer being simply conversing with God, it has always remain a challenge for many of us especially in a urbanised age with so many forms of distractions.

Jesus was the best role model for prayer. He not only taught His disciples how to pray, but He also led as an example of a power prayerful life (c.f. Mark 1:35

With prayer playing a strategic role in our spiritual growth and for the advancement of His Kingdom, it is precisely why our enemy want us not to pray. 

When we do not pray, we become spiritually weak and ineffective.

Our need to pray 

Just as how we breathe to live, we need to pray to sustain our spiritual life. Prayer is our spiritual input to give us life for our inner man.

Incidentally, our indifference towards prayer also reveals our independent spirit from God; that we do not rely on Him. And it can also suggests our depth of intimacy with Him. 

Hence, it is clear that we need to rely on Him and immerse ourselves in prayer to draw His strength.

The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray

1 Peter 4:7

It is with His strength (not ours) that we have power to live a victorious life over temptations and to tear down the enemy’s strongholds in this world we live!

2 thoughts on “Relying on Him thru’ Prayer

  1. hey bro! very encouraging. timely too – God was reminding me to pray to Him just now, then I saw your blog. Thank God for you Andrew!

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